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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Days of (in)sanity

Wondering why I decided to call my new blog "Scribbling to (in)sanity?"

I'm no different than most people I know. I'm a busy, working mom of three kids (one on the autism spectrum.) I've got a house to take care of, a husband and a to-do list that's a mile long every week. All things considered, sometimes life can be pretty insane.

Oh, and I write romance books. That's the part that keeps me sane.

On most days...hahaha

I wasn't born a writer. But, I was born a dreamer and a storyteller - I can't remember a time I wasn't dreaming about a fairy tale and creating new characters and new endings to keep the stories alive in my head. Eventually the world of writing and storytelling merged and I found the stress relief from everyday life I needed to keep my sanity.

Yes, I write pure fantasy. When you open a Debora Dennis book, you're most likely taking a journey to another time and place. I've always been a sucker for a "fish out of water" story and spent most of my school years dreaming of living in a time with chivalrous men, but with kick-ass women who fought right alongside their hero.

Like most writers, I constantly hear voices in my head and can't stop thinking about plots, dialogues and characters. You'd think THAT would drive a person insane, but for me it's sometimes the only sane part of my week.

Some weeks, the insanity takes over. :)

Writing romantic fiction is what keeps me sane in an insane world!

Over the past week, I've set my microwave on fire, signed up to have a professional website designed just for me (which meant moving and creating a new blog) and hosted Mother's Day dinner for 12 (at my new dining room table...yay!) But, the winner of the most insane, goes to how I watched in utter surprise as a fellow romance author was issued a C&D letter from Sony and Google to stop using her LEGAL first name because it somehow infringed on the singer/songwriter Adele(tm). Now THAT folks is what I call insanity! You can read about that, here.

To keep myself sane, I've spent the last week with my modern-day heroine Lilly, who's managed to find herself in a very lawless California town during the Gold Rush with one sexy Sheriff!


  1. um, wow. that's kind of crazy! Adele??? A freaking name? Are we not to use that name for a character anymore either?


  2. I don't see how they can Trademark a personal name like that. That's just a whole new high of ridiculousness. LOL. Hope you didn't do major damage to the microwave. ;)

  3. I feel for Adele Dubois and her plight - who ever would have imagined your legal first name would cause a problem of this magnitude? It's disgusting really.

    And Chelle - the microwave seems to have survived, but we haven't made popcorn yet, so I don't know if the sensor is fried...we shall see soon enough :)

  4. I know exactly how you feel. I'm always on the run and I've even been called the Duracell Bunny :D
    Just this morning my eyes popped open at 5:30 and I was wide awake - when I didn't have to be for at least another hour and a half. Instead of counting sheep I kept hearing my heroine arguing with her father (he's determined for her to marry a nice boy LOL). Then suddenly the idea for a 3 book series came to mind and instead of sheep I was sitting up jotting down characters, setting, and scenes. Can't seem to turn it off - at least at the oddest times like early mornings and the shower.
    But it keeps me sane on those crazy days - that and the Moleskin journal I've taken to keeping in my bag every day!Chris

  5. I think people who don't write can't understand all the things that get juggled by those who do. I'm right there with you, Debora. Er...although I haven't set the microwave on fire. Yet. I'm a due for a kitchen diaster, so that's probably right around the bend.

    As for the Adele mess. Ack! It is an insane world!!


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