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Friday, August 24, 2012

Business cards, yes or no?

As happens from time to time (more frequently for me, since I freely admit to being ADD over my promo) I completely overhaul my online presence. In case you haven't noticed the new blog template...it matches my new website, which matches my Facebook timeline cover, etc.

I couldn't resist new business cards to match as well!

Rae Monet, who designed my website, created the business card and I simply loaded it up into VistaPrint and that was it - no fiddling around on my part!

What I love is that it carries over my brand - when you get the business card and visit my website, you will instantly KNOW you're in the right place. That's exactly what I'm going for here.

Honestly, I don't need the card to give to agents/editors or publishing professionals - because they don't want author cards. We take their cards, they don't take ours. So, the business card for me is to promote to a possible fan base, to make contacts, to give people an easy (and hopefully eye-catching) way to find me online and CONNECT.

Now...the back of the card.
I've been reading blog posts and taking a look at other author cards I've picked up at various conferences over the years and I knew this is where I really needed to make some choices. Leave the back blank? Add my email and other links?

You can see to the right, I opted for links and a QR code.

Since the business card is a tool mostly for me to promote, by leaving it places I frequent, handing it to people that ask about my writing or tossing into a swag mailing - it's all about bringing people to where I am online.

The great thing about the QR code is that I can control where it points at any given time. Have a new release I'm promoting? I can point the QR code right to the buy page! Right now I'm looking to build my newsletter base, so the QR code takes the clicker to my newsletter signup form! (September first starts a new give-away, so if you aren't a subscriber to my newsletter list, go ahead and scan it and sign up right from your phone!)

Do you "do" the business card thing? What's on the back of your card?


  1. Hi Debora! Great post. I actually just received some business cards I ordered from Vistaprints. Not as promo-savvy as yours (didn't think about QR code or logo), but I ordered them because people are always asking how and where to find my books - they make relaying that info so much easier! They just have my website, blog, etc. so people can always go there and find whatever I'm working on at the time. Maybe my next ones will have a QR code and my logo :-)

    1. Dariel, thanks for stopping by! I say whatever gets the job done is the right move - you can never go wrong with BASIC!

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  3. Good post, Deb.
    It's been a long time since I did business cards, but definitely worth considering. :)

  4. I used business cards to help promote my writing for a couple of years now. Mine aren't fancy like yours (they're stunning btw), but they list all the relevant contact info. The best part is I can print them myself with Avery business cards.

  5. Love your business card, Deb. And the back is great too - simple and easy to read.

  6. I use my business card's back for a QR code as well. I am a designer and own a printing company. Here is a picture of my card: http://creattica.com/business-cards/wine-bottle-label-business-card/54935

  7. Great post - thanks for sharing!

    I too recently ordered author business cards from Vistaprint. It seemed like the cheapest option since I had already come up with the card design myself. Like you, I put a QR code on the back. Since I only have one book so far (my first novel, Letting Jack Watch, just came out in June) I chose to use a code that links to the buy page on the publisher's website.

    Of course I'll need new cards once my next book is published, but that won't be for a while, and that's why I got the minimum card order... :)

  8. http://deboradennis.blogspot.in/2012/08/business-cards-yes-or-no.html

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  10. I am a fan of the QR code, I know they haven't taken off quite like some thought they would, I think it is people's confusing with the app versus just taking a photo of it, still, they are a great tool to have on your business card. I like the simple design too.

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  12. Yeah, QR code is the big thing today. You can see it in packages, billboards, even on shirts! But on the business side of things, it is important that you not just hand out your code to everyone. The process of targeting your market is important here. This is not really a problem to a business which is a bit personal like yours though. ;)


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