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Monday, October 8, 2012

A Monday Myth: Kids will help with the puppy!

Let me introduce you to Toby!

The newest addition to our family is a 10 week old YorkiePoo - because how could I resist that face?

Hubby and I have been hearing from the three kids that we really needed a puppy to round out the jungle we call home. While Toby will most definitely be a spoiled little puppy in no time, he joins a few other equally spoiled housemates! (Two cats, a cockatiel, a cockatoo, a bearded dragon and a hamster...oh my, we should probably buy some stock in Petco.)

Over the last year as the kids begged for a new furry member of the family we heard:

"I will take him for walks."

"I will feed him."

"I will take care of him."


Three kids.

One doesn't like the way the puppy smells after he's been outside doing his business. Well...he's 10 weeks old, weighs all of about 2 lbs and pretty much fits in my hands - he cannot go out alone, needs to be picked up and carried outside (since he's too small to get out the door on his own, and we're in training mode. Which means someone (ME) needs to take him out every two hours.

One likes to play with him, but hasn't even asked if he can help with anything else.

One thinks he knows everything about puppy training - even though we've never had a puppy before. Oh wait, I forgot, he's 18. He knows everything about everything. LOL Unfortunately, he's 18 - so he's got college and a social life and that leaves ME to do the bulk of the training, the walking, the feeding...

To be fair, I knew this going in. I knew the puppy would be good for the family, great for the kids and I knew exactly who would taking care of him. I'm not that delusional.

One week in, everyone is totally in love with Toby.

Anyone have some puppy training tips for me?


  1. No puppy training tips, sorry.

    However I do remember telling my parents those same things when I was growing up. I think my sister and I actually did help out for about a week or two...a month max (you know, right about the time the novelty wore off for teenage girls).

    Kids say a lot of things to try to get their way. But just like you, I know who ends up taking care of the pets in the long run.

  2. I know all about the "I'll help" myth of taking care of animals. LOL. We're up to 3 dogs and 2 outside kitties. My only tip might be to make sure you take the puppy out immediately when he wakes up or after he eats. We free feed our dogs but I can hear them munching and will let them out. Our old rescue boxer will pee if we won't let him in bed with us. Otherwise he sleeps with us all night without needing to go out. If puppy uses the bathroom outside...praise him. If he goes in the house...scold him and take him outside. Good luck!! :)

  3. Hi Deb,
    We actually got our puppy last December so he's coming close to being a big boy now. As far as training, when he was that small we started with Wee Wee pads in the house until all of his shots were done. If he went on the pad (as opposed to the floor) we praised. If he went on the floor we never scolded but ignored. Our dog expert told us never ever scold for bad behavior but ignore it. Dogs love to be praised and loved (as opposed to my cats who could care less). They get the message with a turn of the back and silence. Once he got his shots out he went and I kept a handful of treats in my pocket. As soon as he went on the lawn we popped a treat in his mouth. It didn't take long. And I get the myth thing too. My oldest is 20 and, smart that he is, never promised to help. My daughter (18) did offer and sometimes helps. But when she's 'busy mom' that cuts down on how much help. Still I love that dog and knew, like you, I'd be doing it all. Enjoy Toby! He's adorable!

    1. Yes, we do a lot of praising. We're doing the crate training method and so far - he's doing great.

  4. He's soooooooo cute! But my gosh, Deb, you have a regular zoo over there at your house. LOL

    1. Yes, we do have quite the zoo going on at our house. My kids will never be able to say they didn't have any pets growing up, that's for sure!

  5. I have had four dogs, two from puppies... the only advice I can suggest is consistency. Get on a schedule and stick to it while you are training and socialize (with people and other animals) them as much as possible when they are little, it is so much easier to break a bad habit when they are younger rather than trying to do it when they are older... My first two dogs I was more strict and consistent with at the beginning then as the others joined the zoo, we slowly got more and more lax... They are still generally well behaved but now that the older two have passed on, the younger two have all the bad habits... For instance while they love their cat, I am pretty sure if they were to catch any of the ferals in the neighborhood, they would kill them.. so we avoid them, course I'm not sure what it says about our cat, that she is first in line to chase strays out of our yard...
    Good Luck with the newest addition to your family...

  6. Oz says you clearly need a horse to take the dog for walks.
    Just think! You would get to wash rugs! And feed it! And muck it out! How fun would that be!

    Don't have any puppy training tips. Our old dog trained our puppy way back when, and he got most offended it you taught the little critter something he didn't approve of. (Like walking across the road. OMG are you NUTS?)
    Watch out for tell tale signs of wall nibbling. Our puppy was a wall nibbler. Ate the plaster and dug big holes into the wall. Yours truly was handed a spatula and plaster to fill them again.
    She was also an ace wall paper stripper... beware the loose corners...
    But most of all -- have fun with the puppy! :)


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