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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

52 Ways to Joy - Yes, Please!

I don't know about you, but I always notice little things like consistently has good manners.

Growing up, we didn't get anything we asked for unless we first said please.

Then I had my own kids and drilled the same thing into them.

One word. Easy to say. Sometimes makes all the difference in the world.

Yes, I'm talking about saying PLEASE!

Please can be a powerful word. It can show appreciation, respect and consideration. We teach our kids it's a 'magic' word, and as adults we should remember the truth behind what we teach them.

Last week at the deli counter of my local supermarket I happened to be paying attention to the people working frantically behind the counter to get the orders filled for the customers. Between calling out numbers and then taking their orders, they were busy and talking among themselves, doing their job.

I was pretty surprised at how many people added one simple word to the end of their order - NO ONE.

Customers barked out orders, "a pound of ham, sliced thin and a pound of white american."

"Give me 3/4 of a pound of the turkey on sale."

Everyone got their orders, the employees efficiently did their jobs.

When it was my turn, I asked for my order and said please when I'd finished listing what I wanted. Not because I was making a point, but out of habit. I always say it.

Now, you might think it's strange, but the person taking my order stopped for second and looked at me, then a small smile appeared on his face and he nodded at me.  Just by saying please, I acknowledged that I was asking him to do something for me and that I appreciated it.

To be honest, no one else in the line even noticed - probably because having manners these days seems to have fallen out of fashion.

It's a powerful word that makes you feel good using it and spreads a little bit of joy to others. Such a small way to show consideration to everyone around you! Why not spread a little warmth and appreciation for everyone you meet this week and remember to say please whenever you ask for something?

Wishing you joy and safe travels this week wherever your road leads!

*52 Ways to Joy is a weekly post to celebrate the simple ways to bring joy into your life and those around you. It's about the small moments that makes memories and give us all a sense of contentment in the crazy world we live in. If you're joining me here for the first time, by clicking on the label  "52WTJ" you can read the previous posts!


  1. I LOVE this post! My kids were raised (my sister's kids too) that if I didn't hear please and thank you, they didn't get it. And they know it too. If they ask for something and I stare at them, eyebrow raised, they immediately say, "Please!"

    Thank you and you're welcome or also needed for service in my house :)

    Thank you for this post, Debora and please have a wonderful day!

    1. I expect from everyone in my house, even if you don't live there! If you want something, you ask politely - otherwise you're not getting it!
      Glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. Well said! Manners seem to have fallen by the wayside. It's okay with me if they come back in fashion. :)

    1. Well, We're doing our part to bring it back! Maybe it will catch back on!

  3. why does it seem like no one says this anymore! Hard. We are always...encouraging our kids to use it. :D

  4. I'm hopeful that most of those customers at least said "Thank you" for a job well done??

    1. I'd say most thanked the employee, but not all!

  5. Thanks for a good post. Unfortunately "commmon" courtesy is not so common anymore.


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