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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

52 Ways to Joy - Picture Happy

This past weekend we attended a barbecue at the marina where I work during the week. Good food, music and a perfect day. Before we left I pulled out my cell phone and asked a friend to snap a quick picture of me and the hubby.

How often do we rush through a great day expecting to remember the happy moments for a long time to come?

How often do we sit and reflect on those days gone by?

Recently I was organizing some of the photos on my computer that I haven't looked at in years, backing them up on CDs and deleting duplicates...took me hours.  It took me hours because I found myself lost in the memories of days gone by. Silly kid faces, embarrassing moments and family holidays.

This week my advice for finding joy is probably right in your hand or close by. Snap a few photos on your phone of a loved one, a friend, an inspiring view.

Keep the memory for another day.

I wish you joy on the roads you travel this week my friends!


  1. You look great, Deb.
    Happy, too!! I never end up in the photos. At the last camping trip, I took a picture of myself...cuz I knew I was going to die and there would be NO photos of me to put on the corkboard in the lobby of the funeral home. :P

  2. What fabulous advice Deb! I've never been a fan of photos. Always too busy judging myself in them. Really wish I worried less about what I look like in the pictures and focused more on what the pictures symbolize for myself and the lil zombies. And for someone who loves photos, it is horrible to realize you aren't in many of them.

  3. I wish you joy too and also to be pain free real soon. : )


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