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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

52 Ways to Joy - Be Generous

Seeker, empty the boat, lighten the load, be free of craving and judgment and hatred, and feel the joy of the way. ~ Buddha

The idea of being generous always brings to mind a bonus, a little extra cash or something of monetary value...but there is so much more to being a generous person.

Isn't it more important to be generous with our time and our talents?

School starts here right after Labor Day and while my kids are grateful for the shopping sprees for the latest shoes and jeans, isn't it more important that we spend the day together, giving of ourselves and our time?

Once a month I attend my local romance writers meeting, and every month I am grateful for all the members who constantly give of their time and share their talents and their knowledge. The published members freely share their adventures and their successes, their techniques and their advice.

Yesterday a friend posted on his Facebook wall about a running mishap that left him down on the ground with a sprained ankle. Through his pain he was amazed at the outpouring of generous people who stopped on the busy road to offer assistance.

The truth is being generous is so much more than a donation or a gift of money! To be truly generous is to smile when someone needs it, to offer a helping hand or share your knowledge and your time.

How can you be more generous today?

Happy travels my friends!

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