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Monday, March 10, 2014

A Writer and Her Keyboard

This is what I wanted for Valentine's Day...and my husband delivered.

Still not sure it was a good choice.

First it was on sale the week before Valentine's Day (I guess a keyboard isn't considered a romantic gift to most people...unless you happen to be married to a writer!)

Hubby, of course, pulled it from the box and had it operational on my desk within minutes. I sat down and gave it a try. After 5 minutes I removed it from my desk and put the old one back in its place.

Being on a Valentine's Day deadline, my excuse was, "I don't have time for weird."

My deadline has come and gone and I'm still not sure I'm ready for "weird!"

The keyboard is supposed to be ergonomic and wrist-friendly...probably something that a writer would love and welcome...me? not so sure.

I'm a touch typist. I learned in High School (a long time ago!) and my fingers can fly across a Kwerty keyboard pretty quickly without once glancing at the keys. Split my keyboard in half and give it an odd curve...YIKES! Add in my acrylic nails and I've resorted to the "hunt and peck" method. (My daily word count has noticed a considerable decline and yes, I will blame the keyboard!)

It has a removable, magnetic base that raises or lowers the angle the keyboard - some days the base is attached (shown above) and some days the base gets tossed against my refrigerator where it taunts me.

I'm not ready to give up it yet, and let's face it, this keyboard is far from being the weirdest thing in my house - so there is a good possibility this will eventually work for me.

Have you tried one of these ergonomic keyboards? Love it, hate it, tossed it in the "closet of weird things?"

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