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Friday, September 12, 2014

New Favorite (or new fear?) Friday...SnapChat!

If you've got teenagers in your house, you've probably heard of this social media site. Since I'm always on the lookout for something new and fun to do on my phone and get the importance of keeping up with the social media world, I downloaded it and gave it a whirl.

The idea of this is to have a conversation of sorts using quick pics you snap. You can choose how long the recipient of your snapped pic can view it - but the longest is 10 seconds, unless you choose to save it to your "story" in which everyone on your "friend" list can view.


It's kinda fun to take those selfies and pics and know they disappear almost instantly.


I can see the allure for the teens...take a quick pic, send it on it's way to a particular recipient and POOF it's gone.  As a mom of teens, this is scary. Looks like that "NO Pics you wouldn't me or your father seeing" talk is on tap again for this weekend...just to reinforce my nervousness and continue my campaign of being socially responsible.


Did I mention this can be silly and fun?


I don't think this is in anyway an app to promote my writing, reach readers, etc. Unless you want to see pics of Toby the YorkiPoo, my cats or random shots of me drinking coffee in the car...you probably shouldn't try to find me. ;)


I'm a little sad that I only have one (yes, 1!) SnapChat friend, because I have been informed by all three kids that I am not allowed to friend them there - I guess it's uncool to have your mom as a SnapChat buddy? I argued that I'd behave - they didn't buy it. :)


I did recently sign up for Instagram too - and you can find me there as deboradennisxo - I promise I am relatively normal there!

Any other new favorite social media apps I should try out?

Enjoy your weekend!

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