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Monday, January 9, 2017

Motivate Me Monday

 Time to kick off 2017, and what better way than with a motivational post?

To the left is the front dashboard of my beautiful planner...I call him Tony, because (a) I think every assistant needs a name and (b) because he's a beautiful green leather binder, reminiscent of an old boyfriend.

Yea, I know...but it works for me :)

Years before cell phones became our life coordinators, I used a paper planner. Like a lot of people a few years ago, I realized though the phone is always in my hand, using it for organizing and noting things and doodling and writing bits of thoughts...just wasn't working for me and it was time to go back to paper.

And WOW has paper planning become a THING! I love Tony in all his beautiful green leather glory, the stickers, the pockets, the organization!

Yes, I feel like I CAN do anything!


Saturday...this was the view from my front door. I am SO not a snow lover.

OK, It does look pretty.

The plus of being snowbound for the day? I spent some time organizing Tony so he could organize me!

I've made a commitment to be here on the blog twice a week...not sure what days that will just yet or what exactly I'm going to blog about, please leave me a comment if you have any ideas!

I'm also a member of the "Through Heart-Shaped Glasses" blog and we recently made the decision to kick the blog up a level with more interaction from our readers. We've created a group over on Facebook, where we'll be chatty about life, love and romance novels, and we'll be doing giveaways and fun stuff along the way.

Check us out!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/THSG.authors/

Happy Scribbling!

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