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Monday, July 7, 2014

Weddings, Writing and Smiles #MusicMonday

There is nothing that makes a romance writer happier than a wedding. And this year I've got 6 weddings on my family calendar...YES, that's 6 family weddings in a little over 12 months! Wowza.

Even though I am not one who can write with music playing in the background, I do take inspiration from songs I listen to when I'm NOT sitting at the keyboard. I can take the vibe and think about a scene I'm writing and hear the lyrics in my head - I just can't have it playing WHILE I'm writing.

And SMILE by Uncle Kracker is one of those songs. They played this at my nephew's wedding this past weekend and if you've eve been in love, it's pretty hard not to smile and sing along.

I hope it puts a SMILE on your face too as we start the week.

Do you have a song that can put a smile on your face - no matter where you are, what you're doing or how you're feeling?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Must Haves" in my planner #paperplanners

If you've been here before you know that I can be organizationally challenged, and that this year I've made great strides in winning the chaos war!

2014 marks the year I returned to the paper planner.

"Tony" is my beautiful green leather Franklin Covey Classic size planner that travels with me everywhere I go. (Yes, I choose my purse size accordingly!)

Once you get in the habit of writing everything that needs to get done down - and YES, I mean everything - you can get a better handle on your life, your priorities and your time sucks.

For me, my biggest problem is forgetting the little things...like, stop for milk on the way home from work, go to the bank on the way home from work, pick-up the dry cleaning on the way home from work...seeing a pattern here? LOL

First "must-have" accessory in my planner: clear zippered pouches! I have two. In one I keep small bills. In the second I keep my next "must-haves" the accessories that keep me sane: blank sticky to-do pad and assorted colored mark-up stickers and flags.

Everyday I peel off a new to-do sticker and it goes right in the front of my planner - where it can't be missed as soon as I open it up. This is my ACTION list. Things get written on this list and crossed off all day long. At the end of my work day, if there are errands for the way home, I peel off the list and stick it to my dashboard - not to read while I'm driving, but to REMIND me I have stops to make. This works! I am a routine girl, if I don't have that visual reminder, I get lost in the music on the radio and then I find myself pulling into the driveway forgetting everything I was supposed to do - which means an extra trip out.

Appointments and schedules still go inside on my daily planner sheets.

Do you have a technique to remember those little things that pop up during the day?

Monday, June 30, 2014

Writing to Sailing by Christopher Cross #MusicMonday

Leaving stress behind as we head
out to the Great South Bay.
Here we are, back to Monday.

As the first day of the work week, Monday can be filled with stress and anxiety. I turn the page in my weekly planner and take note of all the things I need to get done, all the deadlines that have to be met...and I reach for another cup of coffee and a way to slow my life back down.

While we don't own a sailboat, our boat does have ample room for us to spread out and RELAX. There is nothing quite like dropping anchor off shore and letting the water work its magic.

So, to get you in the mood for a great week ahead, I'm offering up one of my favorite songs.

Enjoy the week!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Our Sexy Delight @MySexySaturday #MSS48

Welcome to the 48th week of My Sexy Saturday.
This week is all about our sexy delight. Again, it’s about our awesome couples and just what makes them that way. Some of them do it in the stars, some have riddles to solve, empires to rule and others live right here on earth but all of them make us come back for more over and over and over again.

The rules are to post 7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words ONLY. The choice is yours. It can be from a WIP or something you already have published.

Today I'm offering up 7 sentences from my holiday novella, Muffins & Mistletoe.

First the blurb:

Welcome to Starlight Hills! Mountain views, small town charm, and one little bake shop, where romance is always on the menu.

Christmas is the best time of year to be in love in Starlight Hills. Cold nights perfect for snuggling, plenty of mistletoe to be caught kissing under, and an abundance of gingerbread muffins for sharing under the stars. But when Corinne Mackenzie turns down a proposal from the man she loves at the Thanksgiving table, it could be the worst time of year instead. Convinced the only way to fix the biggest mistake of her life is to enlist the help of the town's resident matchmaker, she's got a plan to make this the best Christmas ever.

After his proposal is rejected in front of family and friends, Jimmy Crane knows his only chance of surviving the holiday is to avoid the woman who stomped on his heart. The only obstacle to his plan is his matchmaking mother and Corinne's knack for getting him under the mistletoe.


Here's my 7 sentences from a scene in the bakeshop, where it seems Jimmy has ended up under the mistletoe :)

          Jimmy realized he was under the mistletoe less than a second before her lips were on his. Hot coffee in one hand and a bag of muffins in the other, he couldn’t put his arms around her even if he wanted to. And he wanted to.
Corinne’s fingers pressed into his shoulders and her soft lips crushed against his. While Johnny Mathis sang about chestnuts roasting on an open fire, flames of a different kind flooded through every inch of his body. Her warm fingertips touched his neck and along his jaw, then her lips parted and he was powerless to do anything but accept the invitation her mouth offered. He inhaled her intoxicating scent, something floral, a little spicy—or maybe that was just the cinnamon drifting in from the kitchen behind him.

Want to read more? Look for it at these online retailers:

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Goals, Dreams and Deadlines #writetoday

A goal is a dream with a deadline.
Napoleon Hill

My weekend writing view off the bow of our boat.

 Writing for fun is a completely different animal than writing for publication - and anyone that tells you otherwise is full of crap.

Writing for publication, whether it's for a traditional publisher or if you are going it alone as an indie, is a JOB. It's a BUSINESS. You cannot only write when you're inspired or when you "have the time."

You have to make time, you have to write through good days and bad, kids screaming and anything else life tosses at you.

We all start with the dreams of seeing our names on covers and touching people with our stories and characters. To get there takes planning, lots of hours at the keyboard and it requires some serious goal setting.

This year we became boaters - which means a good chunk of my weekends will be spent on the water, soaking up the sunshine, being inspired by the beauty of the water - but also seriously cutting chunks out of my normal writing routine.

In order to make my deadlines, I'm going to need to learn to write while bobbing on the sea.

Here's a few tried and true tips to add some writing time to your day:

* Become an early riser. I find I am most creative in the morning and when the house is quiet I get more done.

* Become a night owl. Some people find writing at night works best for them. Some find a great way to reduce the stress of the day by letting their creative juices run wild.

* Always carry a pad and pen or learn to record your voice on your phone. You never know when you might have a few minutes to get an idea down.

* Set the timer for 15 minute writing sprints. No internet, no distractions...everyone can find a few 15 minute time slots in their day somewhere.

*Find a writing buddy to hound support you. Cheer each other on with texts, emails, messaging, etc. 

How do you adjust to a changing schedule over the summer to meet your deadlines?