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Friday, July 20, 2012

Memories can't be stolen

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This week my house was robbed, by someone in our neighborhood, a teenager my kids know.

(That she was in my house in the first place disgusts me enough, but she came to the door seeking someone to talk to and I raised my kids to be compassionate and help those in need.)

As much as I wanted to believe that the CSI team would show up and dust my jewelry box and dresser for prints, or maybe bring in a dog to sniff out her scent...this is a small, routine theft, so apparently my little crime scene doesn't warrant all the bells and whistles. LOL. Okay, fine. I get it. My few pieces of jewelry don't amount to much when there are bigger problems out there in the world for the police to deal with.

I have to be content with the knowledge that justice works itself out, that karma catches up with people and face the fact that sometimes things just happen that we can't control.

Two of the five pieces stolen have extreme sentimental value to me - monetarily, neither one was worth much. But the one ring, given to me on my sixteenth birthday by my parents - held over 30 years of memories for me. Memories of the day I got it caught in my high school locker, the ring is deformed to this day from that incident. Memories of the day in college it got caught while I was prying the spare key from under the hood of my old car and the stone popped out of it's setting. I found the stone, had it fixed...but the one bent prong was never the same.

So, while my jewelry is gone, stolen and probably already sold for some quick cash for a drug deal, I am trying to remember how fortunate I really am. My kids aren't thieves or drug addicts stealing from friends and neighbors for their next fix. I was fortunate that anything of real monetary value was locked up safe and sound. And most of all, I'm fortunate she came in peacefully and decided to help herself to a few necklaces and rings - she didn't come in armed, no one was hurt.

In the end, no thief can steal the memories of the ring I no longer have. No one can steal something embedded in your heart.

Have a great weekend making some memories!


  1. How horrible for someone to do this, especially when they were a guest in your home! But, you're right...memories can't be stolen. And it could have been worse.

    Still, I feel for you in the loss of that ring!

  2. SO you didn't get anything back?! Is there any way you can approach her parents?

  3. Thanks ladies. Nothing has been recovered yet - but you never know. :) If those pieces were meant to be with me, one day they may find their way home.

  4. Debora, I'm so sorry this happened to you, but I know exactly how you feel. Our house was robbed and we lost some jewelry. We don't have expensive jewelry, but my husband's class ring was one of the things taken. My late father's banjo and case also were taken. Fortunately, a neighbor came home and the thieves left. Later, although it didn't help, I learned who had stolen our things. She was a woman who worked in the next office along with her boyfriend. Eventually she was fired, I know she got next to nothing for my father's banjo and the sentimental items I had put in the case with it. As you said, she couldm't steal my memories, but I still feel the loss and betrayal years later.

  5. Deb, I'm so sorry about your horrible experience and your loss. With all the home invasions going on these days, this is something that always looms in my mind. I can imagine the feeling of having your home, the place that is supposed to be a safe haven from the world, violated like that. And by someone you know. You're right. Memories can never be stolen and they're yours to play again and again in your mind. Hoping you will move on and heal from this.

  6. Deborah,
    I'm so sorry that that happened to you. I'm also glad no one was hurt. i know that it feels like the police are taking your crime lightly and you may need to just remind them GENTLY that you are also a victim of a crime. although no one was hurt your home was still entered and robbed. the fact that your children let her in is not the point, the fact that she committed the crime is. ask that they please treat you with the respect that any victim deserves and to keep you informed. also ask them if you will be allowed to have your jewelery back once it is recovered. it may be considered evidence now and be kept by them.
    if they start to be rude to you remind them again that your the victim in this crime not the perpetrator and that you are experiencing all of the same emotions that any parent would whose children could have been hurt in a home robbery situation. if it continues then ask to speak to their supervisor and ask for your case to be transferred to someone new. sometimes the policeman has so many cases and works so hard that they get jaded and forget the human emotional equation of the victim.

    stand up for yourself/your children and your rights.

    i hope you recover everything she took from you,especially your peace of mind.
    God Bless.

    Tammy ramey


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