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Monday, June 4, 2012

Colorful Writing ~ Yellow


Looking to add some color to your writing? Today I'm featuring the color of sunshine, gold and lemons.


Yellow is associated with a "sunny disposition" and being "joyful."

A room painted yellow is considered warm and uplifting.

The human eye is drawn to the bright hues of yellow, making it stand out and easily noticed, making it useful for hazard signs, emergency vehicles, the taxi cab and school bus.

The scent of lemons is instantly refreshing and rejuvenating. Adding the hint of lemon to your scene creates of sense of freshness that everyone can smell and instantly conjure in their own minds.

Yellow is different cultures:

From http://www.sensationalcolor.com/color-messages-meanings/color-meaning-symbolism-psychology/all-about-the-color-yellow.html

In Chinese culture, yellow is associated with earth. The Chinese have placed a predominance upon the color yellow not seen elsewhere in the world. It was the color of emperors during both the Ming dynasty and the Qing dynasty. 
In India, yellow is the color of the Vaisya caste, or farmers, and is the color Hindus wear to celebrate the Festival of Spring.
Yellow signifies “sadness” in Greece’s culture and “jealousy” in France’s culture.

Yellow variations include gold, lemon, saffron, butter, amber, citrine, maise, straw, mustard, goldenrod, jonquil, canary yellow, cat's eye and tiger eye.

Close your eyes and think about a field of yellow tulips or sunflowers swaying in the light summer breeze. How do you feel? How about with sunshine warming your face, a cold glass of lemonade in your hand? Can you imagine the lure of a golden nugget for the miner panning in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada? How that glint of shimmering gold in the pan could ignite a frenzy? (Why, yes, I am writing a gold rush story at the moment, how could you tell? LOL!)

I hope today I've inspired you to think about yellow and the way it makes you feel, so you can add some color and feeling to your next scene!

How does yellow make your feel? Do you have a favorite shade of yellow?

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