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Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Favorite - A New Wreath

Here in the Northeast the fall weather has been nipping at our heels over the past week. A little cooler in the morning, a lot cooler at night - perfect sleeping weather and I LOVE IT.

Fall is my favorite time of year - by far! (Even when I lived in California, I made a point to get back home to NY in the Fall...there's just something about the way the air smells, about the colors and the crispness in the morning breezes...awwww, heaven for me.

Over the years, I found that the quickest way to decorate the house for a season or a holiday is to put up a new wreath on the front door. And this year, I'm in luck - my sister-in-law has started up a little wreath-making business and she's been busy at all the local craft fairs. So, with my sister-in-law keeping me well stocked on gorgeous wreaths, I think I might have the best dressed door in my neighborhood.

(And since I AM just a little competitive by nature...I do check out all the neighbors and see what they've got on their front doors - so far, my little owl puts me over the top on uniqueness!)

Is it common where you live to decorate your front door? What's your favorite way to dress your door for Fall?


  1. I love doing mums and pumpkins around the proch area. I just ordered a wreath but it is WAY too big. I have to send the thing back. Grr..

  2. I do an autumn wreath on the door (I have a different one for each of the four seasons) and I like to do pumpkins and mums outside. Ocassionally, I'll add a cornstalk to the lamp post or do an arrangement built around a hay bale. I haven't done anything yet this year but next weekend for certain. I love autum decorating!

    Enjoyed your post! :)


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