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Monday, September 10, 2012

Morning routines

Fall is just around the corner, the kids have started back into their own school routines and I'm back to my own early morning wake-up calls, yikes! I've never been a morning person, and getting older and more set in my ways certainly hasn't done anything to change that.

This year though, I am really trying to be at least be more productive with my AM hours - hell, I'm up, right? So, yes, I have signed up for yet another workshop on time management and "getting more books written in a shorter amount of time!" (Oh yeah, baby...this is just what I need!)

The first lesson had me digging deep into my morning routine and coming face to face with all the time I really do waste staring into my coffee cup - like those words are just going to magically fly through the coffee vapors to my computer? Hmm, probably not.

Maybe my little voodoo priestess could whip those words into submission? Hmm, I don't think that's happening either.

So, it's up to me to make my mornings work FOR ME and not against me.

I started my new-improved writing routine this morning, and while the Keurig was humming to life on my counter and spewing out my first cup of motivation...I got down to business and wrote for 15 minutes. Then the morning routine of getting the kids up, starting laundry, and making lunches, fell into place.

Bottom line - want to get something done? Make it a priority on your list. Add it to your daily schedule. No excuses. It doesn't matter what that task may be - for me it's making sure I get that writing time in, maybe for you it's exercising or finishing a project. The point is, you have to commit to it, own it!

How do you start your day?


  1. Good for you!
    I do my email/blog check as I have my coffee. Then I'm going to jump in the shower and get to writing today!

  2. Funny that you have this as your topic today Deb. I do very similar time wasters. Only I brew my cup of coffee and then open my computer thinking I will use the hour to be productive...then find myself on Facebook for an hour.

    My goal is to start every morning by either writing or spending time visiting blogs (which I'm horrible at doing consistently).

    Have a great Monday and good luck with the new routine. Hopefully the voodoo princess will keep you on task.

  3. Get it girl! And I couldn't help but giggle...Little Man has a few of those little voodoo figures. I should take a picture of my coffee cup with our little dude standing guard. ;)

    I usually start my day by reading my social media thingie-ma-jigs. I just need to kick myself into gear and get my blog going again. That could be my first assignment for mornings. Then a crit and time on my current chapter. *sigh* And last, but not least, school assignments.

    Hope the new routine works for you!!

  4. If you want to set-up repeatable checklists and routines you can use this application:


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  5. Wishing you the best with your new routine. :)

    I'm not really coherent until after the first cup...

  6. I love routines yet I'm notoriously BAD about keeping them. I love opening MS Word and putting a schedule down. As a matter of fact, I did it for me and the kids on Sunday. We had SUCH A BAD day, that I knew we needed to get some structure. So far it's working--yes, it's been one day--haha.

    I'm liking your 15 minute program. It helps! :D


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