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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

52 Ways to Joy - The Deliberate Detour

"Never follow somebody else's path; it doesn't work the same way twice for anyone...the path follows you and rolls up behind you as you walk, forcing the next person to find their own way." ~ J. Michael Straczynski

I have never been a creature of habit and I've never been any good at directions. I can just as easily get lost driving around the block as I could driving hundreds of miles toward a destination with my GPS guiding the way. (Just because the GPS spouts directions, doesn't mean I follow them!)

My kids have grown up with me making wrong turns.

Of course, while they're in the back seat complaining mom's going to get them lost again...more than often than not, those wrong turns haven't been by accident.

Our days are filled with responsibilities, obligations and jam-packed schedules. Every minute of our day planned out and accounted for. We take the same path to work, to our favorite stores, to our friend's house. We run program...every day.

What are we missing along the way? What joy is around the corner that we don't know about because that would take us five extra minutes out of our way?

Sure, I've discovered new restaurants, new stores and landscaping ideas for the house. But I've also seen neighbors out and about that I rarely see - maybe we wave, maybe we stop and chat. I've made "wrong" turns that landed me at an unknown park or a beach I've yet to discover.

Sometimes life isn't about taken the known path...who really knows what's down the road left untraveled? Why not find out?

A few minutes out of our way once a week, once a month...and you never know what moment of joy will be found along that path. Maybe it's just a few extra minutes connecting with your kids or your spouse (while they think you're crazy!) Maybe it's a few extra minutes listening to your favorite song or that last chapter on your audiobook.

The point is, sometimes you just have to take a detour with a smile on your face.

I wish you joy on the the road you travel, and I hope just once this week, you blaze a new trail!

 *52 Ways to Joy is a weekly post to celebrate the simple ways to bring joy into your life and those around you. It's about the small moments that makes memories and give us all a sense of contentment in the crazy world we live in. If you're joining me here for the first time, by clicking on the label  "52WTJ" you can read the previous posts!

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  1. what a lovely post xxx thanks for reminding me to reach for joy!

  2. this is perfect for today! I rarely, rarely go off on tangents. I never go out of the way to get anywhere. But I should! At least every once in a while. :D

  3. Debora, Lovely post and good advice. Sometimes I wonder if life is being wasted doing the same things each and every day so that everything bleeds together and one day is indistinguishable from the next. Each unexpected turn tends to add a little flavor.


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