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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Author Website Elements - Your Photo

Photo by Studio 16
Congratulations to my March blog contest winner - Bethanne!

A few years ago when I registered for the RWA conference, a friend convinced me I needed a professional photo for my website. She had to drag me kicking and screaming and had to make the appointment for me because I procrastinated hoping their schedule would fill up.

She was right and it was even a fun experience.

Since I had the photo taken it's been on my website, on my blog, twitter, facebook and writing forums...etc.

I hate getting my picture taken and the thought of posting it online gave me nightmares and sent me straight to the bar for a martini! But, it was the right decision to make.


Because having your picture gives your name life, a personality all it's own, and adds a little bit of a human touch to your social presence. It's part of your branding. How many of us will not follow the "egg" on Twitter? I know I won't. If you don't have an avatar - even if it's your book cover or a picture of your cat...I won't follow you.

Isn't it easier to feel you're connecting with a blogger, a writer, or anyone on a social media site, if you have a face to look at? Don't we all have that nosy side that wants to know a little more about the person behind the words on the page?
Photo by Brandon

Since that first photo shoot, I've grown my hair out and yes, I've aged...but I decided a few weeks ago that I needed an update to the author photo. Maybe it's just that I have a tendency to get bored with the same old things staring back at me day in and day out (which is why the family has taken bets on how long I'll keep my current website design...but that's another story!)

The new photo is more casual and reflects my style as both an author and personally, and that's exactly the feeling I want to convey when people visit my website. I'm all about the warm, fuzzy and friendly.

I think an author photo is an important part of any author's social presence, but I think it's equally important to get the right feel. I think my new photo (taken by my son!) has a more laid-back feel than the first.

Do you agree an author photo is a must for your social presence?


  1. I love the new picture!!
    now i need to go check and see if my picture is on my blog. And I just changed my author page photo on FB to my cover photo... :P

    guess I'll go change it back to my face.

  2. Like the new pic! It's "real" and makes you look approachable, like someone you want to hang out with for awhile.

    It's nice to see a picture of the person you're following etc.


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