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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Emotional Writing - The First Four Stages of Intimacy

So, I've finally jumped head first into my new project and that all important first meeting of the hero and heroine is rushing toward me like a steaming locomotive...which is usually where I panic.

I don't want to rush them, but I do need to start from their very first moment on the page to build the attraction. I need to fan the flames of their intimacy as early as possible to give the reader what I promise from page one to the end...a spicy time travel with an emotionally satisfying HEA.

Everything from heat levels to the length of the story will dictate how quickly your characters will move through each stage.

With that end in sight, I glance over at my handy "12 stages of intimacy" chart and start at the top. Up today, the first four.

EYE TO BODY: We all do it, we've all been on the receiving end of this - whether it's a quick glance up and down or the slow burn of being undressed by his eyes. At this stage, unless they've met before, this is purely physical!

EYE TO EYE: Across the room or over a candlelight dinner. In an elevator or on opposing sides of a conference table - this is the first chance we have to give the glimmer of something more on an emotional level. Cold as steel or warm and inviting, doesn't matter...your hero or heroine is intrigued. Something stirs inside, they can't look away or can't look away fast enough. A split second connection or a need to get lost in the most beautiful eyes they've ever seen. Use it and punch up that emotion early!

VOICE TO VOICE: It's more than the sound, more than the accent, it's the way he says your name. Does the sound of her voice soothe his soul or stir the loins? It's in the whisper in her ear, the way she mumbles under her breath...so much can be conveyed when they speak. Maybe he doesn't even hear her voice, all he sees is her lips moving and losing control isn't too far off :)

HAND TO HAND: First time we have actual physical contact - skin to skin, oh my! Are they hard-working hands, rough and powerful? Is her skin soft and supple, so small in his? Jolts of energy, heat rising up their arms? Tight grips or a casual taking of her hand to lead her out of a crowd - this is a big moment - even if it happens in an instant. Give me that moment of knowing this is more.

And that wraps up the first four for this week...now I'm off to incorporate them into my first meeting scene!

Next week I'll be back with the next four!

Have any tips on using these first stages of intimacy? Do you linger on these or barely give them a few lines?

Happy writing!

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  1. I'm really excited about this! and so very glad you are featuring the steps on your blog. :D


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