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Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Sexy Saturday - Surrender to the Sheriff - C2 Snippet

Welcome to my first crack at the "My Sexy Saturday" blog hop!

Every Saturday the participants post 7 sexy words, sentences, or paragraphs from their published books, upcoming releases or a work-in-progress. Now everyone's idea of sexy is different and some of us are hot and some of us sweet - but what fun it is to explore some great writing!

Today I'm offering up a little taste of my upcoming time travel novella, Surrender to the Sheriff. This scene is from C2.

* * *

"Lilly, haven't you been involved in enough trouble for one day?"

His free hand reached up, tipped his black hat high on his head, and those emerald green eyes locked with hers once again. The lips that had kissed her with so much tenderness and possessiveness moments ago quirked into a lopsided grin that made her insides tingle and pop with anticipation.

How could she explain something she didn't understand herself? "I just think—"

"Think about this instead."

His sensuous lips were back on hers and he wanted her to think? It was impossible to imagine anything other than the way her body melted into his at that moment and she was pretty sure it wasn’t his gun hardening against her stomach.

With his fingers in her hair, he held her close and nibbled ever so lightly on her bottom lip before his tongue slid inside to capture her mouth fully. The breath caught in the back of her throat—she groaned and grabbed hold of his muscled shoulder.

Dream, fantasy, or just her wild imagination, she was sure she’d never been kissed like this before. His mouth devoured every inch of hers; his tongue explored and retreated, leaving trails of electrified skin in its wake.

If she had to think about anything, it would be that Sam Harden knew how to kiss.

* * *

So, what do you think...sexy? *wink*

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  1. Absolutely sexy, Debora!

    Thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday. See you next week!


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