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Monday, October 21, 2013

Fresh From the Farm

 This past Saturday my local writing group, the Long Island Romance Writers, met for our monthly meeting at the library in the small town of Southold. I traveled east with three of my writing friends. On our way to pick up the guest speaker for the day, Bertrice Small, we stopped at one of the many farm stands along the one lane country road.

The North Fork of Long Island is known for small town charm, many of those town were founded well before the Revolutionary War with land still in families it was deeded to by the King of England. The North Fork is blessed with acres upon of acres family owned farms and dozens of wineries.

I am fortunate to live near such abundant and fresh produce and I take advantage of it whenever I can. I frequent the local farmer's markets all summer and fall - because it's important to me to buy local.

On this trip I found this gorgeous cauliflower that is more than 16 inches across!

I also picked up this mini-gourd decorated with flowers that looks perfect on my desk!

Whenever I'm on vacation I try to buy something to support the local economy of that place. Do you shop local when you can? What do you buy where you live?

Today I'm also blogging at Heart-Shaped Glasses about the scary world of publishing! I hope you'll stop by and visit me there and if you comment, you'll be entered into our monthly drawing.

Have a great week!

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