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Monday, November 4, 2013

Thoughts for a Monday - Cats and clothes fresh from the dryer.

Thought for the day...where do you fold your laundry?

My washer/dryer is located in my garage, which is attached to my house with a door off the kitchen. I unload the dryer and dump the clothes on my kitchen table and fold them there.

Normally these two (Rocky and Oreo) help me. *sigh*

I should add that the kitchen is the main hub of my house (probably is for most people, right?) and my kitchen table is the catch-all and is NEVER empty.

So, this morning I dump the load of clean, freshly dried (warm!) clothes on the table and overlook the glass of water sitting at the other end. (In my defense it was only 6am!)

Do you think the cat missed the glass when he jumped onto the table in his haste to roll in the warm clothes?

NO...he didn't. The water ran like a river across the table, ending when it ran into the dam of fresh, clean clothes.

Fact #1: It WAS just water.

Fact #2: None of the clothes were mine.

Fact #3: I was the only witness

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do the wet clothes go back in the wash? or just the dryer? or do you fold everything else and hang the wet ones to dry?

I went with option 2. I folded everything I could, and tossed the wet ones back in the dryer. :)

What would you do? LOL

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  1. I would do the second one, and not post it on the web. LOL :)


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