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Monday, December 2, 2013

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Scrooge?

This year we sat down to our Thanksgiving dinner earlier than normal because my son had to be at work at a store in our local mall. He worked until 4am and was expected back by noon on Black Friday.

I was sad to see the news posting pictures of the hoards of shoppers lined up on Thanksgiving to snag a gift at a good price - paying the price of a family holiday. For the retailers, opening on Thanksgiving was a rousing success, which means the one guaranteed holiday with family and friends has come to an end. Now that the stores know the masses will come, there is no stopping them from being open all day.

It was even more disheartening to see the CEO of Macy's on the news saying Macy's employees WANTED to work Thanksgiving. I'm sure it wasn't for the delight of leaving of their families, but more for the (hopefully) time and half holiday pay.

I know many people who love to hit the Black Friday sales, I am not one of them. Fighting others and hoping not to get run over by crazed bargain hunters just doesn't scream "holiday magic" to me. Does that make me a Scrooge?

 How about Cyber Monday? Sitting at my computer in my PJs and finding some bargains online? I'll probably surf around today, hoping to cross a few things off my list, but I don't view it as a sport and my day certainly won't revolve around it.

This year I'm trying to be relaxed and remember the reason for the season. I'm saying "Merry Christmas" more, smiling at the people around me on the ever growing lines, and doing more baking and listening to Christmas music. This year I want to create the magic, look for the good and make memories - and it's not always about who gives the most expensive gift!

Happy December!

Are you doing anything different this year to bring the magic into your life?

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  1. i'm looking for sales and don't see them. Went to Samsung... regular prices. Maybe I need to hit the "retail" stores.


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