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Friday, December 27, 2013

Planning for 2014

Frankie, my new personal assistant!
For whatever reason, organizing my life has been a constantly unattainable goal since the day I was born. As a typical Aquarian, it's a inner battle to get myself to commit to precise appointment and goals.

For years, I've been trying app after app, calendar after calendar, all in the hopes of trying to maintain some sort of balance. All to no avail. The reminders I have beeping on my cell-phone are usually ignored. :)

As a writer, I know the power of the written word and how I simply remember more and feel more committed to something when it's down on paper.

So, this year, I bought myself a brand new, leather bound, Franklin Covey planner - probably a little too big to fit in my bag, but we'll see.

I had a few "must-haves" on my list when I went looking for a planner (not a big surprise, right? LOL) I wanted a zip pocket, I had to have a place for a pad on the inside right, I also wanted at least one pocket on the left side.
 And because I always jump into things 100%, I found a few Facebook groups for Planner Addicts and promptly discovered binder charms (and when I found the Romeo and Juliet Book charm...I HAD to have it!)

Over the next few days I will be immersing myself in YouTube videos on planner set-ups and how to decorate my planner - because let's face it, stickers and colored pens are awesome...the scrapbooker in me is in pig heaven at the idea of adding creative touches to my new boring brown planner! (Poor Frankie, is going to be girled up in no time!)

Now, as I move into 2014, I'm filling up the calendar with goals and dividing my planner into both day-to-day life plans and long term goals.

Next Friday, I'll give you a peek inside :)

How are you doing on your new year goals? Do you use a paper planner or are you an electronic calendar girl?


  1. No I 'm basically a day to day planner which gets written down on a piece of loose leaf paper. Anything int he future gets put on my calendar and hopefully I'll look at it from time to time to realize I have plans. lol

    Have fun decorating your planner. Hope it works for you. (Don't forget to put in when you're posting on the LIRW blog, starting with new years.:) )

  2. For years I searched for the right calendar. I could never find anything I was really happy with so, finally, I just created my own on the computer. I can add whatever I want and never run out of space. Plus, I'm not so good with keeping strict goals or deadlines, so I needed something I could easily change and update as needed. Still, I'm always on the lookout for a nice paper planner. I have one I use for family appointments and birthdays. That charm looks lovely!


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