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Friday, December 13, 2013

Take Me Home For The Holidays

Welcome to the blog hop!

When I think about home during the holiday season, a few things stand out in my memory...the Christmas music, the smell of fresh-baked cookies and peppermint, and love. Pretty much just an all around feeling of warmth, like snuggling up in your favorite blanket or being enveloped in a tight bear hug.

I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas celebrations with family and friends...enough to warm my heart on any cold winter day and then some! Sometimes it's bittersweet to remember holidays gone by and miss the loved ones that live on only in our hearts - but knowing I have those memories to cherish, means more than any present I could ever receive.

All of the memories, from the smells, the gingerbread cookies and mistletoe hanging in doorways, keep it all alive for me. And all of those elements went into my Christmas novella, Muffins & Mistletoe. During the hot summer, while I was writing this story filled with snowy days, gingerbread muffins and a matchmaker trying to work her magic with two wounded hearts, I took all my Christmas memories and reveled in the joys of my past. Sometimes going home for the holiday is as simple as closing your eyes and remembering!

Welcome to Starlight Hills! Mountain views, small town charm, and one little bake shop, where romance is always on the menu.

Christmas is the best time of year to be in love in Starlight Hills. Cold nights perfect for snuggling, plenty of mistletoe to be caught kissing under, and an abundance of gingerbread muffins for sharing under the stars. But when Corinne Mackenzie turns down a proposal from the man she loves at the Thanksgiving table, it could be the worst time of year instead. Convinced the only way to fix the biggest mistake of her life is to enlist the help of the town's resident matchmaker, she's got a plan to make this the best Christmas ever.

After his proposal is rejected in front of family and friends, Jimmy Crane knows his only chance of surviving the holiday is to avoid the woman who stomped on his heart. The only obstacle to his plan is his matchmaking mother and Corinne's knack for getting him under the mistletoe.

Available now for .99!

And because this is a blog hop, and I'd love to give away a $5 Amazon eCard...leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite holiday scent is. What does it make you remember, how does it make you feel now? Thanks for stopping by!


  1. My favorite holiday scent is Evergreen for some reason smells so good to me.


  2. My favorite scent is the pine. I love the smell of the trees, fresh cut.

    daringzoey at yahoo.com

  3. My favorite holiday scent is Cinnamon...pretty much the spices from baking in general...

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

  4. Gingerbread works for me!


  5. Happy Holidays!
    My favorite holiday scent is cinnamon. It reminds me of the apple pies my grandmother used to make.

    Thanks for the chance to win. <^_^> reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. Looks like cinnamon and pine are the most popular holiday fragrance!

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  8. My favorite holiday scent is peppermint! I love the smell of them!

  9. My favorite scent is baked goods because it reminds me of my mom's cookies & cakes.
    bituin76 at hotmail dot com

  10. I love the scent of pine. Its woodsy and reminds me of winter and Christmas! Smells so good! Thank you for sharing! Happy holidays!

  11. I'm with Shadow, Melissa and Donna. Love the smell of pine, makes me feel I'm in forest.


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