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Monday, June 16, 2014

The art of taking a "selfie"

Have you taken a "selfie?"

Being a techno-lover, I've had a few smartphones over the past few years. My current Galaxy S4 is my constant companion these days, but I'll admit even with all the pictures I take and post on Instagram (DeboraDennisxoxo) and on Twitter (@DeboraDennis) and of course on  my Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/DeboraDennis.Author) I had thus far resisted THE SELFIE!

Funny what a day on the boat with teenagers will have you doing...

First mistake: apparently looking down while you take your Selfie is a no-no (check out my triple chin!)

Second mistake: showing it to the teenage daughter. She immediately sent it to herself and posted it to her Twitter account of over 7k followers...according to her, I've been dubbed "wild-hair mom" and my lovely picture has been making the rounds.

Not sure this is the exposure I'm looking for ;)

Have you mastered the art of the "selfie?"

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