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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Right Place to Write...

laptop at the kichen table
Do you have a favorite writing spot?

Do you have a place you're more comfortable writing, a place the muse seems to like best?

Sitting anywhere for a long period of time trying to pound out a novel can give us back aches and eye strain, so when we find that sweet spot...ain't it a wonderful thing!

This picture is of my laptop at my kitchen table, and this is pretty much where I never write. I don't find it comfortable.  My real desk is on the other side of the room, occupies a nice wall in my kitchen and is a MESS...so I will not be posting a picture of my workspace anytime soon!

(Anyone else have a messy desk - or is that just me?)

Eventually one of three kids will be old enough to move out and donate their room to Mom for her personal writing office, but for now - I'm in the kitchen.

laptop in the living room

Normally this big, comfy chair is reserved for sleeping watching TV, but if the mood strikes, I will sit here with my laptop and write. But, usually not for very long.

Even though I love the portability of a laptop, I'm not in love with the keyboards (my acrylic nails may have something to do with this problem, don't know) so I don't tend to type on them on my lap for any significant length of time. (At my desk, I have my laptop plugged into a regular keyboard.)

In the summer, I take the laptop outside and will sit at the table in my courtyard or on my swing.

I do find the change of location or scenery a good thing. It sometimes sparks an idea or a sensory description perfect for the scene I'm writing.

But, I am mostly a creature of habit and type in the same place at the same time everyday. Maybe it's just that's where I feel the most comfortable or maybe it's just where the muse is conditioned to punch in every morning.

Having the right chair for back support, being the right distance and angle from the laptop screen for my neck and aging eyes, are all important to me. I also must have a convenient place for my coffee, my chocolate and my notes! (And don't get me started on all the colored sticky notes...)

Can you write anywhere or have you carved out your own little sacred writing space that suits you and your muse?  

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  1. I really LOVE my office. I just need to get a better computer and/or desk. :D

  2. Coffee house. I need my coffee.


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