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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

MUFFINS & MISTLETOE featured on eFiction Finds! #holidayromance #novella

My first week back to blogging and already I'm changing things up...LOL

Yesterday I found my holiday novella, MUFFINS & MISTLETOE, was a featured book over at eFiction Finds!

Check it out and add a little holiday spirit to your day :)

“This fun, sweet romance was a great Christmas read! The unique characters and small-town setting were a wonderful backdrop for the story.” J. Jarnagan

“It's the perfect little present for you, filled with laughs, fun and romance. Thoroughly enjoyed it!” Anna G.

Christmas is the best time of year to be in love in Starlight Hills. Cold nights perfect for snuggling, plenty of mistletoe to be caught kissing under, and an abundance of gingerbread muffins for sharing under the stars. But when Corinne Mackenzie turns down a proposal from the man she loves at the Thanksgiving table, it could be the worst time of year instead. Convinced the only way to fix the biggest mistake of her life is to enlist the help of the town's resident matchmaker, she's got a plan to make this the best Christmas ever.
After his proposal is rejected in front of family and friends, Jimmy Crane knows his only chance of surviving the holiday is to avoid the woman who stomped on his heart. The only obstacle to his plan is his matchmaking mother and Corinne's knack for getting him under the mistletoe.

Still only .99!


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