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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Today's view from my desk

Today's view from my desk by Oreodeb
Today's view from my desk, a photo by Oreodeb on Flickr.
Over the last few days there have been hundreds of posts addressing the use of pictures in blogs. More importantly the correct usage and copyright laws associated with using the pictures we find around the 'net.

While I have always tried to use photos I thought were either in the public domain or from legal "free" to use digital sites - as an author who believes any type of online piracy is wrong, I have deleted any photos that might be in question.

So...with that in mind, this blog is about to get a LOT more personal with my photos taken by me. (I'm sure that means more pictures of my cats too!)

This picture was taken last week from my office window and pretty much all summer the view stays the same - peaceful and calm.

I hope you enjoy the view from your office window, does it inspire you in any way?

Have a great day!


  1. Home office or work office? Wow! Either way, what a gorgeous view. I've got one small window in my home office that looks out over the driveway. Not too inspiring but my office decor makes up for it. As a crazy cat lady, I'll look forward to seeing pics of your cats.

    1. Christine, it's the work office, aka, the day job. Definitely low stress!

  2. I used to write in my basement where the walls were painted yellow and white...had to get the sun some way :-)

    None of my views touch yours! I'd be able to sit and read or write all day with that view.

    1. Angela, I wish I could say I read and write all day while enjoying that gorgeous view - but it's the view from the office window at my day job *sigh* but it is still inspiring!

  3. That's an amazing view. Don't know how you get any work done!

    1. Some days I do get to enjoy the view and write!


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