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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Doors, windows and keeping the faith

2012-07-02173122The saying goes, "when a door closes, God opens a window."

Lately a lot has been happening around me that certainly feels like doors closing, and I'm trying to keep my faith and believe that a window is about to open somewhere. (I'm just hoping the window is big enough for me to crawl through!)

All this inner reflection has me noticing doors - open and closed.

An open door is obvious, it makes us feel welcome and invites us to come inside. But the closed door? Can it be just as inviting?

As I drive around my neighborhood I notice the doors, some bare and some with a wreath or a holiday decoration. The doors with decals and kids artwork always make me smile and and I remember when my kids were small and every holiday was celebrated with window clings and cutouts.

I admire the different wreaths filled with colorful flowers that match the outside of the house or the ones that clearly are seasonal.

Amazing how such a small detail can make a closed door seem more welcoming, more inviting and warm.

The door in the picture is my front door, the wreath made with love by my sister-in-law and puts a smile on my face everyday when I pull into my driveway. These past few days I look at that closed door and know the love of my family waits on the other side...so maybe a closed door isn't all that bad.

Maybe it's time to stop looking for the window and just open the door!

I hope everything you want and need is waiting just behind the next door you open. Have a great week!


  1. I agree that a closed door can be inviting (and surely more comfortable to get through than crawling through a window).

    Keep your faith woman. Thanks for the great post!

  2. Your post brought both smiles and tears for me as I remembered all those fun times decorating the door with the kids artwork. Feeling a bit weepy now that they're 'grown'. Especially feeling it with all those back to school commercials. This is my first year with no one to buy back to school supplies for. Maybe I'll buy some art supplies for myself and decorate my door myself. I know exactly what you mean about keeping the faith. Hang in there!


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