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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Deep Fried Love

Some days a girl just has to toss the diet to the side and order the deep fried Oreo dessert that's screaming at her from the menu.

Saturday night was that night.

I've never had a deep fried Oreo before - and I'm so glad I finally let my sweet tooth win out.

These plump little beauties arrived at my table covered with REAL whipped cream and drizzles of warm chocolate and caramel. Wow, what a freakin' treat, especially if you love Oreo cookies like I do. (It's no coincidence my black and white cat is also named Oreo!)

I'm not ashamed to admit I finished the entire thing. This was one of those nights I was glad hubby isn't much of a dessert guy - there was no need for me even try and be polite and offer to share!

Your Turn:
What was the last decadent dessert you indulged in?

1 comment:

  1. That looks scrumptious!

    Dare I say, mine was carrot cake cheesecake. Something that's not even once a month calories, more like once every couple years. lol!


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