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Friday, December 7, 2012

New Calendars, New Beginnings...

I am a calendar junkie and this is my favorite time of the year.

Every store has a new choice to feed my addiction.

How many calendars can a girl have? Well, I'm so glad you asked...

I have one hanging in my kitchen. I have a weekly calendar I post on my refrigerator with all of the activities for that week for every member of the family (thanks to Cozi.com!) I've also got one of those "daily" calendars on my desk at home...I'm a sucker for those!

I've got a Moleskin daily calendar in my pocketbook.

Yes, I have my Cozi calendar on my smartphone. It sends me reminders and I think that's awesome. :)

Calendar over my desk at work? Of course!

And last but not least, in my tote bag that goes everywhere with me, I have a good old-fashioned daily planner with folders, zippered pockets, etc.

You'd think with all these calendars I'd never missed an appointment. Well, that's not exactly the case, but I do get better every year at actually consulting the calendars on a routine basis. LOL

Something about opening up a new calendar and penning appointments in the boxes that gives me a sense of being in control of my life. All those blank hours in the day, just waiting for me to fill them up or keep them empty and plan NOTHING. It's all up to me (well, at least I like to pretend it is.) I look at all those blank days and weeks are new opportunities to start something, to accomplish a goal a day at a time.

My kids get calendars every year in their Christmas stockings, because it's never too early to learn how to plan and schedule.

Now, with the proliferation of calendars in all the stores this time of year, I can't believe I am the only one with this particular fettish...so tell me, how many calendars will you buy this year?

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Have a great day and safe travels...

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  1. I usually buy one calendar and put it in my Library. Happy Holidays!!

    barbbattaglia @ yahoo.com


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