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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Tools of Accountability

Welcome to 2013!

This year my one and only resolution is to move FORWARD. Which means no looking back on 2012 (which wasn't a great year at our house, so this won't be a difficult task!)

Part of moving ahead with any goal is holding yourself accountable, because at the end of the day it's how you used the 24 hours we get everyday to your advantage - isn't it?

First you have to know what works for you. For me, it's my daily planner, my task list, and some kind of progress meter.

It also helps to have a support group of people working toward a challenge together.

So, here's my quick rundown of my "tools of accountability!"

(1) Everything goes on the calendar

(2) Important tasks go on a post-it note on top of my Moleskine agenda that goes EVERYWHERE with me. (Yes, I have a smartphone with plenty of calendar/to-do apps, I do use them - but I am a paper girl and it's just the best way for me.)

(3) Progress Meters and spreadsheets! Oh, I am soooo a visual girl. I love graphs and charts and anything that shows progress. I've always got a progress meter here on the blog with my latest word count for the current WIP and I love my spreadsheets with daily word counts, cumulative word counts, etc.

(4) By far the BEST way to keep me motivated and moving forward is to surround myself with people who can poke, prod and remind me about my goals. Those people nudge me back onto the track when I run off in a new direction, they cheer me on when I'm hitting my goals and they offer shoulders when I hit a wall. I've been blessed to have a great group of supportive writers to call my friends and critique partners! (And the group has two open spots right now! Click the link to read more about us.)

Today I hang the new calendars on the wall, open the new planners and update the spreadsheets to 2013. Do you have a favorite tool of accountability that's going to help you achieve your goals in 2013?

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