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Thursday, January 3, 2013

What brings you back to the blog?

When it comes to blog traffic, even chocolate isn't going to help.

Part of my "forward" motion plan for 2013 is being a better blogger. I know it's something most of us bloggers say every year...yada yada.

So, while sitting with my coffee and my half-eaten chocolate bar last night, it occurred to me that being a more consistent blogger isn't my problem.

Writing posts that people want to read IS the problem.

I've decided to leave it to YOU, the reader of this illustrious blog (haha, you can stop laughing now!)

Please take a moment to vote in the poll right at the top of the sidebar. I welcome your comments - because just like when I write my books - I'm writing with all of you in mind.

Here's your chance to tell a blogger what you want to see on her blog this year.
Don't be shy.
Anything and everything reasonable will be considered blogger-fodder in 2013!


  1. Great idea, Deb! I voted. I hope others follow

  2. I voted craft and other...my other was that I love to find new recipes.

  3. So, honesty, the ONE thing that brings me back to a blog somewhat regularly is email delivery. If it comes to my inbox, I'll click on it. Not every time, but definitely when I see something interesting...and sometimes when I don't.

    No email delivery? Makes it harder for me to remember a blog exists. Occasionally, I skim through my Google reader/follower list.

    Topic isn't really an issue for me. I'm not a cat lover, but I have a blogger friend who posts pics of her cat, and when it comes to my inbox, I'll stop by and comment because we're friends--in this blogosphere.

  4. Same here, Deb. Nothing gets my attention faster than a notice in my inbox. Guess that's why I keep reading about the importance of developing e-mail lists and newsletters.


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