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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday in the Kitchen: Shamrock Martini

Shamrock Martini photo 2013-03-17075040_zpsa4fe8359.jpg
Shamrock Martini

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

I've never been a big fan of parades. Even living less than 2 hours from New York City, I have no desire to venture out, stand with thousands of people on the street and watch people walk by...Not. For. Me.

But, that doesn't stop me from celebrating here at home.

I will be wearing green and drinking my Shamrock Martini today.

And before I toss out the recipe for the lovely green drink...here's a fun few facts about the color green:

Green is the color of nature, youth and fertility.

Green is the second most popular color after blue.

Green is the national color of Ireland.

The floors of the Egyptian temples were painted green because it was considered a sacred color signifying hope and joy of spring.

Kermit likes being green, but doesn't find it easy.

Greenback is slang for the U.S. dollar.

Green is the color of the melon liqueur used in the drink recipe below!

The Shamrock Martini

1.5 oz. melon liqueur
1.5 oz. vodka
1 oz. club soda
green sugar for rimming the glass

Fill a shaker half full with ice. Add the melon liqueur, vodka and club soda (If your melon liqueur isn't green, you can add a dash of green food coloring!) DO NOT SHAKE. STIR!
Wet the rim of the martini glass and dip in the green sugar.
Pour the contents of the shaker into the glass and Enjoy!

Please remember to always drink responsibly!

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  1. Sound delicious. Thanks for the recipe. Will have to try it unless you want to make me one. :)


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