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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

52 Ways to Joy - Take a Moment for Yourself

"When we are unable to find tranquility within ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere." ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld 

Are you important to you?

What a loaded question, right?

Most of us have a hundred and one things on our agendas every single day. We're busy running here and there, keeping our lives in a constant state of BUSY.

We've got spouses, bosses, kids, aging parents, deadlines and not enough hours in the day to get it all done...and maybe we secretly yearn for a moment to ourselves...just to relax.

Go ahead and laugh...

Is taking a few minutes to clear your head first thing in the morning or before your head hits the pillow such a bad idea?

Giving yourself the green light to treat yourself and your well-being as IMPORTANT can ultimately make you more patient, more at-ease and yes, more productive! Bring joy to your day that warms your heart, do something for YOU.

Don't we all deserve that moment to indulge in stress-free silence to enjoy a cup of coffee or to just sit and enjoy a favorite song from the first note to the last? I know, sometimes it's damn hard to find a minute to ourselves. *Sigh*

The saying "pay yourself first" is supposed to be about finance - but for me it's about investing in my own well-being, giving myself those first few moments of the day to reflect on my own inner peace (because if I don't do it...who will?) Joy isn't just a moment of happiness, it's not just a smile on your face - real joy fills the heart with a sense of contentment that lasts and has the ability to zap a little bit of that stress from your soul - don't we all want that for ourselves and for our loved ones?

Over the last few months I've learned that taking a few minutes out of my 24 hour day, isn't being selfish and it isn't taking away from any of my other responsibilities - in fact, I choose to take my minutes when the rest of the house is sound asleep and no one even knows I've got my feet up on the couch while I take those first few sips of my coffee each day.

It might be a matter of changing your thinking, but for this week - take a few minutes for yourself. Find them anywhere you can...because you know what? You are worth it!

I wish you joy wherever your travels take you this week!

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  1. That sounds so nice! I missed my coffee this morning because I didn't prep it the night before and it was already 20 min past when I usually get up. So I skipped teh coffee and immediately sat down to work. :(

    But today, I think I will avoid the office and sit with my laptop on the couch. It's different and even that is like a treat. :)

  2. Good for you! It's so important. It's so easy to write off our own needs, taking care of everyone else.

    The weather is almost nice enough that I can take a moment and sit out on the deck with my coffee. Having those few moments really helps me to face the hard stuff that comes along later in the day.

  3. I learned this a long time ago when I was struggling with anxiety issues. A good friend of mine, who happens to also work as a counselor, recommended it. So I get up a half hour before everyone else, throw in my Season Six DVD of I Love Lucy, and watch one episode with a hot cup of tea. They say laughter is like medicine and after a nice morning dose of it I'm ready to take on my day.


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