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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

52 Ways to Joy - Just Say NO

Not all of us are lucky enough to spend our summers with no obligations. While I would love to have a daily appointment with my lounge chair next to a sparkling pool, a cool drink in my hand and my favorite book...it's nothing more than a dream around here.

The kids are off while the hubby and I toil away at our desks, because, well their "free" time is filled with numerous activities that certainly aren't "free!"

The summer has only just begun and already I'm stressed.

Let's go here.

Let's do this.

Work just doesn't disappear when the sun shines, bills don't take a holiday and I'm being pulled in a hundred directions.

What's going to bring me joy over the next two months? I'm going to have to figure out a way to say NO to something.

Even if it's just one appointment, one extra job, or *gasp* one activity or carpool a week.

I know it's hard. We've been trained to say yes...we've been trained to give and give and then crawl into bed at night wondering where the day went.

This week I plan to take back my summer vacation - even if it's not a vacation, even if I still have work and deadlines, I plan to say NO to one thing that gives me stress I don't need or want!

What about you? How can you re-claim your summer vacation...what can you say NO to this week? I think I'm going to say NO to making dinner and order a pizza :)


  1. Yay for "take out". Your loved ones won't perish if you say no. You go for it.

    Since I work at the local college, I have the summer off. Sounds great until you realize you don't get paid and situations made it impossible for me to look for a "summer" job.

    We do try to pick one day out of the summer to splurge like going to Splish Splash. Some cheap things to do is going to garage sales and visiting antique stores just to see different things.

  2. Ordering pizza sounds like a dream! and it's so easy...
    I've never had a hard time saying no. That's the honest truth. :D

  3. I said no to working this weekend. I have so much to do, but I needed a break! I'm sure I'll be more productive on Monday, being well rested.


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