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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits from "Cupcakes & Cupid"

Cupcakes & Cupid
Chapter One

February 1st

Thirteen days before Valentine's Day, the lure of a freshly baked chocolate-covered strawberry cupcake overpowered Katie Dixon's common sense.

She ignored the poster in the window announcing the annual Cupid Ball and pushed open the door to the Itty Bitty Bake Shop. The sweetly scented air warmed her cold cheeks as the bell above the door jingled her arrival. Before Katie could blink, Bitty Crane leaned over the counter near the register, her brown curls bobbing and her blue eyes locked on Katie.

"Good morning, Katie. I thought you might be stopping by today." She slid a bright yellow bag across the counter with a wink. "One Cupid's Kiss cupcake to go."

How does she do that?

Katie eyed the bag on the counter, knowing it would be pointless to ask how Bitty always seemed to know what most people in Starlight Hills needed before they did. For a moment she stood there removing her leather gloves and smiled back, deciding to chalk it up to Bitty's uncanny intuition. Katie took the bag and peered inside at the little bit of heaven she'd probably finish before she got halfway to the hospital. Then she glanced at Bitty. "Nice try, Mrs. Crane, but it's still just the February Special to me."

"A rose by any other name—"

"Roses wither and die. I'll gladly take the cupcake any day. They never disappoint." She held the bag up and wiggled her brows, suddenly feeling a little more playful than she had all week. What was it about this shop that simply made people happy? It had to be the sugar rush.

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