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Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Must Haves" in my planner #paperplanners

If you've been here before you know that I can be organizationally challenged, and that this year I've made great strides in winning the chaos war!

2014 marks the year I returned to the paper planner.

"Tony" is my beautiful green leather Franklin Covey Classic size planner that travels with me everywhere I go. (Yes, I choose my purse size accordingly!)

Once you get in the habit of writing everything that needs to get done down - and YES, I mean everything - you can get a better handle on your life, your priorities and your time sucks.

For me, my biggest problem is forgetting the little things...like, stop for milk on the way home from work, go to the bank on the way home from work, pick-up the dry cleaning on the way home from work...seeing a pattern here? LOL

First "must-have" accessory in my planner: clear zippered pouches! I have two. In one I keep small bills. In the second I keep my next "must-haves" the accessories that keep me sane: blank sticky to-do pad and assorted colored mark-up stickers and flags.

Everyday I peel off a new to-do sticker and it goes right in the front of my planner - where it can't be missed as soon as I open it up. This is my ACTION list. Things get written on this list and crossed off all day long. At the end of my work day, if there are errands for the way home, I peel off the list and stick it to my dashboard - not to read while I'm driving, but to REMIND me I have stops to make. This works! I am a routine girl, if I don't have that visual reminder, I get lost in the music on the radio and then I find myself pulling into the driveway forgetting everything I was supposed to do - which means an extra trip out.

Appointments and schedules still go inside on my daily planner sheets.

Do you have a technique to remember those little things that pop up during the day?

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