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Friday, October 19, 2012

The mystery of the magazine subscription

Last month I found MONEY magazine in my mailbox. Addressed to me and I know I didn't subscribe to it.

I figured it was probably a trial copy and went on with life.

Guess what showed up again in my mailbox yesterday? Yup - MONEY magazine. This time I took a look at the address label and it appears I'm subscribed through September 2013.

Hmmm. Mysterious.

Now, I love a good mystery as much as the next girl, but this one has me puzzled. It IS possible I signed up somewhere online and forgot (though I don't think I've gone that batshit crazy that I would forget something like that.)

Maybe someone else decided this would be the perfect gift for me (just because I have so much money I need a magazine to tell me what to do with it. hahahahahaha!)

Maybe the universe is giving me a heads-up that I'm about to be the recipient of a cash windfall and I'm going to need all the financial advice found within the pages of this magazine - now there's a possibility I could embrace! (Maybe I should play lotto this week? Or better yet, take a vacation to a casino. After all, who am I to question the universe when it's sending this clear message?)

All kidding aside, I'd really like to know how I got on this list - I haven't seen a bill. I'm really starting to wonder if I subscribed to this and if I did - WHY? I'm more the Woman's Day or Healthy Living type girl, you know, the magazines that offer craft ideas and meals in minutes...serious reading about planning your retirement, how to cut your taxes (hahahaha) and how not to get ripped off when planning a funeral? Not my idea of reading for pleasure.

Being the open minded woman I am, I've decided to embrace the mystery and at least thumb through the latest issue. Then I'll recycle the pages as puppy pads (which is saving me money I don't have to spend on those darn wee-wee pads this week...WOW, this subscription is already helping my bottom line!)

Lost your mind lately? Please share so I don't feel so alone!

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  1. we bought a house that had subscribers to EVERYTHING living in it. I've canceled a least a dozen magazines in the last month. UNfortunately, I didn't make a list and write the ones down that I unsubscribed from...btw, these are catalogs, not paid subscriptions...so when this month came along and I started getting them all over again, I had a DOH moment. I will have to do another round of unsubscribing in about 6 months, when I'm absolutely certain the first ones have stopped coming. :P

    yes, i'm losing my mind.


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