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Monday, November 26, 2012

A Monday Myth - Four days off to write!

Ah yes, the lure of four days off from the day job...what to do with all that time? Yes, I started out with good intentions.

First came Thanksgiving. All the cooking, cleaning, eating and drinking = no writing, all play. (It's a holiday, I feel NO guilt!)

Friday, I woke up with more good intentions to sit at the computer and get some words written on the WIP. I refuse to do the Black Friday thing and instead we stayed around the house, eating leftovers. More company for cake and coffee that night = no writing. (And I did order one thing online...so does that count as Black Friday shopping?)

Saturday, nail appointment (for some festive holiday color and sparkles!) and dinner reservations with family in the early evening = more drinking, more eating and more laughing...but no writing.

Sunday arrived and the lure of the stores and some sales finally called to me. First we went out to breakfast then we hit a few stores, restocked the refrigerator after being full of Thanksgiving fixings, bought a few Christmas gifts on the list and even bought a coat for the new puppy! I enlisted son #2 to sit and watch a romance (While You Were Sleeping) for an online plotting class I'm currently enrolled in. And yes, you guessed it - none of that equaled any time to write.

Last year, the lack of writing for the last four days would have made me sad, would have given me fits of guilt.

This year, I've embraced my lifestyle. I spent these few days surrounded by the family I love, enjoyed leisurely breakfasts and watching the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. Not every day must be spent in pursuit of ONE goal. The goal of spending time with the family came first these last few days.

But...it's Monday morning and the pull of the WIP calls to me, so it's back to the 5:30am alarm for me.

Hope you enjoyed some time this Thanksgiving weekend doing what makes you happy!

Happy Scribbling my friends.

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  1. Oh yay! Good for you. Your lifestyle sounds so inviting and lovely.

    I, on the other hand, feel a little deadbeat as this month comes to an end. I don't do Black Friday, either. But as Nano ends, I wonder if I'll get up enough energy to Christmas shop in general. I need a break! :( LOL :D

    Glad you enjoyed your four day.


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