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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday - Surrender to the Sheriff Teaser

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!

Today I've got a little teaser from Chapter 2 of my current WIP, Surrender to the Sheriff.

The setup to this scene:

After his bullet grazes her arm, Sam Harden, sheriff of Prosperity Creek in 1851, has just reminded Lilly how he plans to clean up the town and make it a safe place...

A slow smile appeared on Lilly's face, the smile that showed the crescent dimple in her left cheek. The smile that won his heart the moment he'd first seen it. Dreams of waking up to that smile kept him going when he might otherwise have given up on this town. That crescent dimple was the reason he was still wearing the star on his chest and not off mining with his brothers.
She touched his arm and nodded. "I know you'll do it, Sheriff."
He wanted to remind her to call him Sam; he needed to hear his name on her lips. When it came to Lilly, he needed a lot of things, but he couldn't focus on any of those selfish things now.

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you enjoyed the teaser, I know I have quite the soft-spot for Sheriff Sam already.

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  1. I did! Can't wait to read more of Sheriff Sam.


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