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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Five ways to free the muse

My Purple Priestess of Words

"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." 
 ~ Jack London

That Jack London...he knew a little about writing.

He also knew that if we sit around waiting for the muse to show up for work, we'd never get our books done.

While not every writer has a muse, almost every writer I know has a routine that sets them on their own writing road. Here are just a few of the ways to get some words on the page and feel a little less stressed in the process.

1. Put the muse on the clock. Try putting yourself on a schedule. Sit down with your pad or at your computer with your ms open at the same time everyday. Whether your writing fairy is in the mood or not...your brain knows it's time to work and you might get more words than you think.

2. Give her a deadline. Oh, that ticking bomb we love to use to up the suspense in our novels...works on your muse too! Turn over the hourglass, set the kitchen timer or the alarm on your phone for a short amount of time and GO! Don't edit. Don't stress...just write.

3. Bribe the bitch. Want 100 words before coffee? 200 words before you get the kids on the bus? 300 words while the water boils for the pasta your making for dinner? A small reward can be just the ticket. Whether it's allowing yourself 15 minutes on your favorite game, time to surf the web or for a few of your favorite Jelly Belly's...sometimes we need the bribe and it's not wrong!

4. Set the mood. I personally can't write to music with lyrics - but I know plenty of authors who produce a complete soundtrack to their WIP. If this works for you and loosens up the tight lips of your muse...go for it.

5. Let her sleep in while you free write. This is a technique that works for a lot of people. Some people call it "morning pages" others call it just "free writing." It doesn't matter what you call it, it matters that you do it. You simply sit down and write. Not on your WIP, but whatever starts to flow...let your mind wander through the cobwebs of your imagination. No editing allowed, indulge yourself! Just a page or two, whatever you need to warm up the fingers and get the brain firing on all cylinders.

And when the muse figures out you don't need her at all...she might show up with something to prove! Now, go get those words on the page!

What is your favorite way to coax the words onto the page everyday?

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  1. Ha! LOVE #3. In fact, I do it. I can't check email or go on Twitter until I write so many words. LOL

  2. I love number 3 too! They are all great! Thanks for sharing.


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