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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Camp for Writers

I love writing conferences. I love to take writing workshops and hone my craft. Sadly, my budget and my calendar don't always support my addictions...so what's a girl to do?

Last year I stumbled across a yahoo group called "Marketing For Romance Writers." I'll give you a minute to check out all their sites:

Group http://is.gd/mfrwgroup
Website http://is.gd/mfrworg
Twitter http://twitter.com/MFRW_ORG
Facebook http://is.gd/mfrwfb
Pinterest http://is.gd/mfrw_pin
BlogTalkRadio http://is.gd/mfrw_btr
Coffee Time Forum http://is.gd/mfrw_ctr
MFRW Author Blog http://mfrw-authors.blogspot.com
MFRW Marketing Blog http://mfrw.blogspot.com
Resources http://is.gd/mfrw_resources
Ezine http://is.gd/mfrwpaperli
Newsletter http://is.gd/mfrwnews

Pretty awesome at first glance, right? One of the things that makes this group unique is the one steadfast rule - NO PROMO! Which means everything you get on this group is about helping authors learn and grow their business (because yes, no matter how you're published - or aspiring to be published - THIS is a business!)

This year my budget was looking a little thin for conference travel, so I will not be attending RWA National in Atlanta...but that doesn't mean I can't get my fix of awesome writing workshops!

And it's ALL FREE (and totally interactive...ask questions, get answers!)

And you can attend in your pajamas!

Seriously, what's not to love?

Official Summer Camp blurb:

 We're gearing up for Marketing Summer Camp! The free, three-day workshop begins July 12th and goes until July 14th. All classes will be held in this forum. You'll be able to attend by simply signing in to the forum, reading the topics that interest you, and responding if you have questions. We'll provide handouts (downloads) for each workshop so you can take it with you.

You'll also want to join the Marketing for Romance Writers Yahoo Group -- that's where the nitty gritty of follow up will be. You can post a question, ask for promotional opportunities, share them, and find things like great places to buy cover art, goodies for contests, bookmarks, and so on. Anyone in the literary community is welcome.

Excited? Don't want to miss it? First you need to belong to the MFRW Yahoo group and you need to be a member of CoffeeTimeRomance- both are FREE, so just pop over and register!

Did I mention there are also giveaways and prizes?

So, now you know where I'll be hanging out July 12th through the 14th...will you be there too?


  1. This workshop sounds really interesting. Thanks so much for sharing the information. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing our camp, Debora! Tomorrow's the first day. Can you believe it? Woot! ^_^

  3. Thanks for the info, Debbie. Looks very interesting and informative.


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